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Authentication Settings

In the Login Password field you may enter your password which unlocks your account. In order to do so you have two options.

1. The first one is to enter the password directly by typing it. Note that the password should be the password that the current user is using to login to his Windows account. The user is retrieve by default and cannot be changed, as it is the user that has opened the WinAutomation Console.


2. The second option is for WinAutomation to retrieve the password, upon Autologin, through a command line output whose output will be the password to be used.


Note: In order to run Processes in non-interactive mode and they include WebAutomation or Excel related actions, then in order for them to run with no issue, you would have to follow the screenshots below:

Open the "Local Group Policy Editor" by typing "gpedit.msc" in the Run window. In that window select "Log on as a batch job" from the tree as shown in the screenshot below, and add the user who is running WinAutomation: