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If a Process fails to execute successfully, you can specify what will happen in the "Options > Error Handling > Behaviour" tab. You can choose one of the following:

1. Send an email, possibly with multiple recipients (separated by semi-colons), with details set in the SMTP Server tab. This email will have the Process Name the date and the time that it failed, the error message and the machine name that it was running on


2. Run another Process from your Processes Database.

3. Write (append) to a text file that you specify. The Event will be written at the end, so you can keep a running log of Process failures.

4. Record to the Windows Applications Event Log. You can view the Windows Event Logs through Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer.

5. Add a Screenshot of the monitor(s) at the exact time that the exception occurred. The screenshot will be visible in the Logs Tab and you will be able to open it with a simple click.


In any case, the execution of any Process along with the result of the execution will always be recorder into the WinAutomation Log.