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Clear Logs

If you want to delete older events and keep in the Logs only the recent and relevant events you may do so through the "Archive" option in the "Maintenance" group of the Logs tab.

The Archive option opens another Window that allows you to archive logs older than a specific date and save them in a .dat file, in a location that you will choose. Having done so, those Logs will be deleted from the "Logs.dat" file. Choose the date prior to which you wish to archive the logs and press OK.


This dialog allows you to delete all events that have been logged within a specific date range.

It also gives you the option to archive the events before deleting them. To do so, you need to check the "Archive Events before delete" checkbox and specify a file path in the following textbox. This way a file will be created that will contain all the events that have been deleted from the main WinAutomation log.