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Configure Chrome and Firefox for Web Automation

Unlike with IE, WinAutomation uses extensions to communicate with Chrome andFirefox.

These addons are normally included in the WinAutomation installation, during which the user will be prompted to install them.

However, should the user not want to install the extensions during installation, they can do so at a later point through the Process Designer.

This article demonstrates how to install the extensions and how to enable them or disable them in the browser:

Installing e for Firefox or Chrome

1. Open "Process Designer > Tools > Browser Extensions" and select the Browser for which to install the extension (Firefox or Chrome).

This will launch (or bring to the foreground) Firefox or Chrome with the following screen:


2. Click Add and then OK or "Add Extension".


Additional Settings that Might Influence Automation for Firefox or Chrome

For Firefox:

Another thing you might want to know however regarding Firefox is how to enable or disable (default seems to be enabled) alerts in "modal" dialog boxes that freeze your browser and prevent you from switching to other tabs or windows. This setting enabled can have a real impact on the viability of your automations so this is how you can disable it:

1. Enter the text "about:config" on the URL bar of a new tab on Firefox and press Go:


2. Search for the "prompts.tab_modal.enabled " preference name in the resulting list and double-click on it in order to change it to false:


For Chrome:

Disable running background apps when Google Chrome is closed Settings>Settings Navicon>Advanced>System


Now you are for sure ready to go!