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Configure Internet Explorer for Servers

If you have WinAutomation installed on a Server, for automating your web related tasks please note the following.

Windows Servers have the "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" (IEESC for short) feature turned "On" by default, which prohibits any and all WinAutomation Processes from properly launching an Internet Explorer or the Automation Browser via the "Launch New Internet Explorer" action.

Likewise, as long as the IEESC feature is "On" any and all web-automation actions will also fail to work as intended. Moreover, the design-time Web Helpers of the aforementioned actions will not work either as long as the IEESC feature is "On".

In order to be able to overcome the above, you would have to change the Security Configuration as per the screenshots below in 3 small steps.

1. Open the "Server Manager" and go to "Local Server"

2. Click on the "IE Enhanced Security Configuration"

3. Both for Administrators and Users select the "Off" radio button and click "OK".


You will now be able to control Internet Explorer through WinAutomation for automating all kinds of web sites and web applications.