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Configure Internet Explorer for Web Automation

For automating your web related tasks you can either use the WinAutomation's automation browser or an Internet Explorer window. The latter choice is especially useful when you want the task to be performed through an IE browser window that is already open.

While you can use the WinAutomation's browser without the need to configure anything, for being able to control IE you will need to modify some of its settings. By default, Internet Explorer comes with security settings enabled that do not allow an external application (WinAutomation in our case) to control it.

To change this, you perform the following steps

Open the Internet Options dialog in Internet Explorer and click on the "Security" tab:

ie settings1.png

Select the "Internet" zone and uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox:

ie settings2.png

Select the "Local intranet" zone and UNCHECK the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox:

ie settings3.png

Select the "Trusted Sites" zone and UNCHECK the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox:

ie settings4.png

Finally click the OK button and restart Internet Explorer. You will now be able to control Internet Explorer through WinAutomation for automating all kinds of web sites and web applications.