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Convert Text to DateTime Action


This Action converts a text representation of a Date and/or Time value to a Variable that contains a DateTime value.


Text to Convert:

Enter the text, or a previously stored text Variable, to be converted to a DateTime value. This text must be in a recognizable DateTime value format.

Date is represented in custom format:

Use this option if the text to be converted contains a representation of the Date Time in a non-standard, non-recognizable format. In this case you will also need to provide the custom format in which the date is represented.

Custom Format:

Enter the format in which the date is stored in the text. You can express a custom format as, for example, yyyyMMdd for date, and hhmmss for time. For more information on how to specify a custom format see Custom Date Formats.

Store Result into:

Enter a name to be the Variable that will store the DateTime value.