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Create a new Process

You can create a new Process by pressing Ctrl+N or by clicking on the New Process button newrobotbutton.png on the Processes tab. This will open the "Create New Process" Dialog, prompting for a name for the new Process.


After setting the Process's name you have three options.

You can either open:

1. processdesigner-icon.png  the Process Designer and start building your Process by dragging and dropping actions in the workspace,

2. macrorecorder-icon.png you can jump to the Macro Recorder to record your mouse clicks and keystrokes or smart record any Desktop activity and then go back to the Process Designer, or

3. webrecorder-icon.png finally, you can open the Web Recorder and start navigating in a browser window where all your web activities will be recorded and converted into actions when you finish the recording and return to the Process Designer.

Note that you can always enter the Process Designer and access the Recording tools (Macro Recorder and Web Recorder) from within the Process Designer's window. The tools are available in the Process Designer's toolbar and under the "Tools" menu.

To re-edit a Process later, double-click on it, or select it and click on the "Process Designer" button processdesigner-icon.png on the Processes tab or right click on the Process and select Edit Process.