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Create New Tab Action

The Create new Tab Action allows you to create a new tab on a running web browser instance. The Web Browser Instance in which the tab will be added is provided to the Action via a Variable [1] and the URL you want the tab to navigate to can be provided as either a string or a Variable [2]. The output of the Action is another Variable [3] of type Web Browser Instance.


1. The Web Browser Instance:

This drop-down menu will present to you a list with all the available variables of web browser instance type. You have not but to select the one that interests you:


2. URL to navigate to:

This text box allows you to either enter directly the URL you want to navigate to (for example or to simply press the interactive gear control element that will allow you to select a variable as this property's value.


3. Start New Web Browser Instance into:

Here you have not but to enter a name as the name of the Variable that will store the resulting web browser instance (the new Tab you have just created) for later use: