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Display Select File Dialog Action


This Action displays the Select File Dialog and prompts the user to select one or more files.


Dialog Title:

Enter the text, or a previously stored text Variable, to be used as the Dialog title.

Initial Folder:

Enter or choose the initial folder to be opened when browsing for a file. This is where the Select File Dialog action will start the user looking for the file(s).

File Filter:

Choose a filter to limit the files retrieved. This allows wild cards, for example, "*.txt" or "document?.doc" (without the quotes). If you want to allow for multiple file filters the user can choose from, separate your choices with a semi-colon, for example, "*.txt;*.exe".

Keep File Selection Dialog Always on Top:

Choose whether the File Selection Dialog should always remain on top of all other windows.

Check if File Exists:

If checked, this Action will then only accept a file (or multiple files) that already exists.

Allow Multiple Selection:

Choose whether this Action will allow the user to select more than one file or not.

Store Selected File(s) into:

Enter the name of the Variable that will store the file(s). If Allow Multiple Selection is checked, this variable will contain a list of files, even if the list is only one entry. If Allow Multiple Selection is not checked, this variable will contain a single file, not a list.

Store Button Pressed into:

The user will automatically be given the choice of Open or Cancel. Enter a name to be the variable that will store the text of the button pressed.