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Error Handling

You can choose to use the same default policies you set in "Settings Tab -> Error Handling" in the Control Desk, or select new ones for this specific Process here. If you wish to choose a new specific policy for this Process, choose one or more from the following which will replace the Error Handling Tab general settings (of course you would have to choose to "Override Default Options"):

1. Send an email, possibly with multiple recipients (separated by semi-colons), with details set in the Email/SMTP tab of the Option tab.

2. Run another Process from your Processes database.

3. Write (append) Event to a text file whose directory you can specify. The Event will be written at the end, so you can keep a running log of Process failures.

4. Record the event to the Windows Applications Event Log. You can view the Windows Event Logs through Control Panel -> Administration -> View Event Log.

5. Add Screenshots to Logs: At the moment when the error will occur, select if you wish to take a screenshot of your monitor(s) and add it in the logs