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Execute Javascript Function On Web Action

This action allows you to execute a given Javascript function [2] on a web page [1] and stores the returned result into a variable for later use [3]:


wc.png Web Browser Instance:

This drop-down menu allows you to enter effortlessly the Browser Instance of your choice, by listing all the variables of that type (web browser instance) in your script:


It is worth noting here, that the drop-down menu will list even browser instances that haven't yet come up on your workflow, so you might want to be careful about that.

ea2.png Javascript Function:

The Javascript Function text box, not only allows you to enter your javascript through a variable, using the handy familiar gear next to the info bubble, but it also comes with a little helper on its own, the Use Template button [a]. This button produces the following Javascript template that helps you understand how you should structure your code:


In this template, you should replace the single-line comments in green with your js code in the following fashion:


ea3.png Result:

This text box invites you to enter a new or existing variable in order to store in it the result of the Javascript Function from [2] for later use.