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Extract Data from Web Page Action

Extracts Data from specific parts of a Web Page in the form of single values, lists, or tables.


Web Browser Instance:

Enter the variable that contains the Web Browser Instance you want to work with.

"Specify Web Data to Extract" button:

To specify which parts of a web page will be extracted you can press this button to launch the "Data Extraction Web Helper". Through this tool, you can select the elements that you want to retrieve as well as the form in which you want to retrieve the values. Depending on your selection, the result can be in the form of a list, a table or a single value.

Store Extracted Records into:

Specify whether you want to store the extracted data into a variable for later processing or you want it directly exported into an Excel spreadsheet (you need to have Microsoft Excel installed for the latter option).

Store New Excel Instance Into:

Enter a name to be the variable that will hold the Excel Instance with the Extracted Data. You can use this instance to manipulate the spreadsheet (or save and close it) by using the dedicated Excel Actions.

Store Extracted Data Into:

Enter a name to be the variable that will hold the Extracted Data.