Help files

General Settings

The first Tab on the Settings, is the General tab from which you can set, about Notifications:

1. If you want to display the WinAutomation Icon in your System Tray or not and

2. if you want to display the Notification Popup Window.

3. Also, you can set your own Hotkey to stop all running Processes from the keyboard with a combination of Keys.

Lastly on the Miscellaneous options you can decide:

4. If the Triggers and Schedules are be enabled or not, for ALL your Processes,

5. if you want the console to remember the Windows Size and Layout every time you re-open a window and

6. if you want to start the WinAutomation Service automatically on system Startup.

You should bear in mind that if you uncheck option (6), WinAutomation Service will not start on system startup, which means that your Triggers and Schedules will not work, unless you launch the WinAutomation Console, or start the WinAutomation service manually from the Windows "Services".