Help files

Get Files in Folder Action


This Action retrieves the list of files in a folder and stores the files info into a "List of Files" Variable.



Enter or choose the full path of the folder, or a variable containing the folder, you wish to get files from.

File Filter:

Choose a filter to limit the files retrieved. This allows wild cards, for example, "*.txt" or "document?.doc" (without the quotes). If you want to allow for multiple file filters, separate your choices with a semi-colon, for example, "*.txt;*.exe".

Include Subfolders:

Check this if you wish to look into Subfolders as well.

Store Retrieved Files into:

Enter the name of the Variable that will store the files selected by this action as a list of file objects.

Sort by:

Choose if this Action will sort the results, and by what criteria.


Choose whether sorting will be performed in ascending or descending order.