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Hotkey Trigger

With a Hotkey Trigger, you can cause your Process to fire when you type, for example, Ctrl-Shift-Y, or any other combination you want. As with any other Trigger, this only works when you have the WinAutomation Service running.

One HotKey can fire multiple Processes. This means that you could set up three different Processes, all with the HotKey Alt-F7, and at a press of the HotKey, all three would fire together and run at the same time.


On a related note, if you use a HotKey from another program there could be some interaction. WinAutomation usually notes HotKeys first, and marks them as satisfied. So, for example, if you set Ctrl-C to be a HotKey, then you can no longer use Window's Copy HotKey function - Ctrl-C will fire the Process and be satisfied, so Windows won't see it. Other programs could have varying interaction, depending on how they were written, so be ready to change a HotKey if you find your computer responding different than you anticipated.