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If Text on Screen (OCR) Action


This Action marks the beginning of a conditional block of Actions depending on whether a given text is found on the screen or not, using an OCR.


OCR Engine:

This text field with drop-down menu options invites you to enter or choose the instance of the OCR Engine you want to work with.

Text to Find:

This text field allows you to enter the text you want the OCR Engine to search for as text or as a Variable.

Is Regular Expression:

Check this checkbox if you want to use a Regular Expression to find the text on the screen. A Regular Expression creates a range of possibilities and can return a number of results that match your search. The order that the Engine is adding these matches is from top to bottom, left to right as it finds them on the given source to analyze!

If Text:

Select if you want the action to check if the text exists or not on the given source to analyze.

Search for Text on:

Two options on this drop-down menu, Entire Screen or Foreground Window only.

Search Mode:

While the first option of this drop-down menu is pretty straightforward (Search Whole Screen or Foreground Window) the other two options that allow you to target a specific subregion of your window or screen produce a whole different set of additional Properties which will see in detail here:

X1 Y1 X2 Y2:

Specify the subregion of the screen or window to narrow down the scan for the supplied text.



Specify the subregion (relative to the top left corner of the Image you have specified) which you would like to have it scanned for its text.