Help files

Install and Remove Add-ons

You can open the WinAutomation Add-on Manager through "Options > Addons" tab in the console.

Browse All Available Add-ons

This button will get you to the WinAutomation official website where you can review and download all the available addons.

Uninstall an Add-on

You can uninstall any Add-on that you no longer need, just by selecting it in the list of installed add-ons and clicking on the “Uninstall Selected Add-on” button. Note here that when you uninstall an add-on, any Processes that contain actions from that add-on will not work anymore. This does not apply to compiled Processes that are independent but only to Processes that run within WinAutomation.

Install New Add-ons

After you have downloaded an Add-on, you can install it by pressing the “Install new Add-on” button and selecting the .wao file that you downloaded.


Add-ons designed for WinAutomation version 5 will not work with WinAutomation version 6 and vice versa. If you accidentally installed an incompatible add-on, you can safely delete the file Addons.dat, which is by default located in the same folder as your Processes.dat file. Having done that, you may proceed and download the latest compatible version of the add-on by pressing the “Browse All Available Add-ons” button.