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Integration with CyberArk

CyberArk offers an online Privileged Access Management platform in order to provide an Information Security solution to Users.

The CyberArk platform can be accessed through the "Get Password From CyberArk" Action.


Once the necessary configurations are complete in the CyberArk platform, the "Get Password From CyberArk" Action can be used; information for the required fields (1-6 as labeled above) can be found as follows in the CyberArk platform:

1. Populate the "server Address" field (labeled 1 in the Action Properties screenshot above) with the address of the server where you have installed the CyberArk Central Credential Provider.

2. In case you do not remember the correct Application ID, open the CyberArk Password Vault on a web browser, login, and access the "Applications" tab:


Here, you may search in the Applications List to locate your Application ID, and enter it in the respective field (labeled 2).

3. Open the "PrivateArk" application and login to your Vault.


4. The Action's "Safe" field (labeled 3) should be populated with the name of the Safe selected in the following screen:


5. Double-click on the Safe you wish to access. The Action's "Folder" field (labeled 4) should be populated with the name of the folder on the left-hand side of the screen (in this case, "root"), while the "Object" field (labeled 5) should be populated with a name from the main list:


6. In case you have configured your credentials in a way that requires the use of Extra Data, please enter it in the respective field (labeled 6).

Finally, in case a Certificate is required to retrieve your Credentials, specify it in the "Certificate Location" field.

Using this information, the "Get Password From CyberArk" Action can be configured to retrieve the designated credentials.