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Interactive/Non Interactive Processes

Any time you use the keyboard or mouse, you are creating input for your computer; and any time something shows on the monitor, your computer is showing output. These are called interactive functions because the computer interacts with you. Non-interactive functions are those that don't require input (keyboard & mouse) or create output on your monitor.

For example, if your computer is set up to automatically connect to the Internet on start-up, this is non-interactive as you don't have to do anything, and nothing shows up on the monitor. Likewise, computers will check email, install updates, move files, etc - all without any action or knowledge on your part.

Since WinAutomation can make changes automatically, without input or output, a Process can be interactive (needing keystrokes or mouse events with or without Macros) or non-interactive depending on the actions it contains.As interactive functions can only work when a user is logged in, only non-interactive Processes can be run when all users are logged out.

A Process's interaction with the computer status can be set through the Run Policy tab of the Process Properties window.