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License Tab

In the License Tab you can view your License info. It shows all the details of your registered license.


Entering your WinAutomation License:

Depending on whether the machine is equipped with an active internet connection or not, entering your License key has as follows:

1. Machine is connected to the internet

You can enter a License key in your WinAutomation console by clicking on the "Enter License Key" button (in case you are trialing WinAutomation) or the "Change License Key" (if you want to enter a different License Key).

Enter your license key to the relative field and press the "OK" button as shown below.


2. Machine is NOT connected to the internet:

Click on the Enter License Key option and the window "WinAutomation Licensing Server Unreachable-Install License Manually" will popup.

Click on the "Copy link" button and paste it on an internet browser on a machine that is connected to the Internet. Having done so, copy the License string that the page will provide to you; paste it in the relative field of the WinAutomation licensing window and hit "OK".

enter license offline.png

Congratulations, WinAutomation is now successfully licensed!

Unassigning a License key from your WinAutomation console, in order to use it on another machine:

There are two ways to Unassign a License key.

- You can either deregister a machine from its license key from the WinAutomation console by navigating to Options > License > Deregister Machine, as shown in the screenshot above,

-Or login to the User Area using the email under which your purchase was made and click on the "Unassign license" option.

Renewing the subscription:

In case your license expires in less than thirty days, the "Renew Subscription" button will become available, allowing you to renew your subscription.