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Logging in WinAutomation

In WinAutomation, all the Processes that run through the Console are logged into a central log file for review ("C:\ProgramData\Softomotive\WinAutomation\Logs.dat"). This way, you can look at the history of any or all Processes.If a Process is run through the Process Designer, WinAutomation considers it debugging, not a run, so the event is not recorded into the Log database. When you run the Process through the Console or due to a Trigger or Schedule, the Process will be logged!To view the Logs for a Process you can either right click on it and select "Show Logs for Process(s)" or hit Ctrl+L, or you can select it in the Select Processes pane in the Logs tab. When you want to see older Logs, or more details, simply set the options as per the Logs Tab description.If WinAutomation itself encounters an error or bug, it is also logged into the log database as an "Internal Exception". Open the Logs Window and review the error Log. If you don't know what to do, WinAutomation tech support can use this information to aid you quickly and efficiently.The Archive Option in the Logs Tab opens another Window that allows you to archive the log older than a specific date and save them in a .dat file in a location that you will choose. Choose the date prior to which you wish to archive the logs and press OK.

A Process can record a custom log entry through the "Log Message" action. These events are recorded both when the process runs through the Console and the Process Designer