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Logs Tab

The Logs Tab has four main groups of options:


1. Event Types:

From Event types group you can choose if you want to display the "Info" and/or the "Warning" and/or the "Error" messages for the selected Processes.

Error: Happen mostly when a Process fails to run successfully and produces an error.

Warnings: Are expected problems like trying to run a Process that has known errors.

Info: Lets you know when a Process run and completed or when a Trigger or Schedule is fired.

2. Date Range:

The Date Range option allows you to select the dates whose logs interests you, for the selected Process(s).


3. Maintenance:

The Archive option, opens another Window that allows you to archive logs older than a specific date and save them in a .dat file, in a location that you will choose. Having done so, those logs will be deleted from the "Logs.dat" file. Choose the date prior to which you wish to archive the logs and press OK.


4. Export:

Using the Export option, you may produce an Excel file containing the current contents of the Logs tab, without deleting them from the "Logs.dat" file.

In the Details pane you can see:

5. The error message that was thrown

6. The Additional details of the error:

Once you have specified all Types and the Date Range, the Processes that match your filter will be listed. This information will include the Type, the Source, a Message and a Date-Time. Selecting a Message will display the Details of that Log event. Most Info or Warning events will only repeat the Message here, as there is no more useful information. In the event of an Error, the Additional Details box will contain all appropriate information to help solve the problem. As this area is highly technical, use this information if you need to contact Technical Support.