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WinAutomation allows you to use “Loops”, a concept that is really important in programming and proves to be invaluable when combined with WinAutomation’s actions. The idea behind a loop is to make WinAutomation repeat one or more actions multiple times. Loops in WinAutomation come in 3 flavors:

  • Loop: Repeats one or more actions a specific number of times. For more information see “Simple Loops”.

  • Loop Condition: Repeats one or more actions until a specific condition is met. For more information see “Loop Condition”.

  • For each: Repeats one or more actions for every item contained in a list or data table. A different item of the list (or data row of the data table) will be saved in a variable during each iteration, allowing you to use it inside the actions of the loop. For more information see “For Each”.

Note: WinAutomation will automatically indent the block of actions that will be repeated by a loop.

Loops Actions:

Loop Action

Loop Condition Action

For Each Action

Exit Loop Action

End Loop Action