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Macro Recorder

To start the Macro Recorder when you create a Process, after you name the Process, choose option 2: Open Macro Recorder and click OK.


If you have already created the Process, you can open the Macro Recorder in the Process Designer Window (that is, inside the Process you wish to edit) by clicking Tools -> Record Macro or by clicking on the Record Macro button macrorecorderbutton.png on the toolbar.

While you can build a Process in WinAutomation by combining and configuring actions from the list of ready made actions in Process Designer, you may find it more efficient to use Macro Recorder to simulate your activities by just controlling the mouse and the keyboard.

Launch the Macro Recorder and perform the activities you want your Process to reproduce. Macro Recorder will record everything you do and when you finish recording it, it will convert this to a set of Actions for your Process. Of course, these can be edited or added to other actions within the Process Designer.

Using the Macro Recorder is a quicker and easier way to define Actions that compose a Process than manually selecting them and inputting them in the Process Designer.

There are two ways that the Macro Recorder can be record your activity; one is to record based on Coordinates and the other is Smart Recording. The first method creates mouse and keys actions but the Smart recording is created UI/Windows action. The Macro Recorder by default recognizes the different elements on the screen (such as buttons, text boxes and other standard Windows controls) and injects the appropriate UI/Windows actions to build your Process with.

Starting the Macro Recorder

In order to create your Process using the Macro Recorder, choose option “Macro Recorder” from the tools of the “Create a Process” window, or (if you are already within the Process Designer) choose the Macro Recorder button on the toolbar of Process Designer window (inside the Process you wish to edit) or choose Tools > Macro Recorder.

Launching the Macro Recorder opens the sidebar where you can preview the recording while performing your activities.


The Macro Recorder can record in two modes: Smart and Coordinate-based.

Smart Recording (Default): The actions produced by this type of recording will click on elements such as windows, buttons and menu items based on UI selectors rather than absolute locations. UI selectors are very similar to the CSS Selectors utilized by Web Automation actions. This type of recording is the recommended one, since it produces flexible and portable Process.

Coordinate Based: Coordinate based actions will move the mouse to the specific, absolute recorded locations inside the active window. Consequently, any change in the absolute positions of the target elements could potentially render the actions inoperable. Absolute positions depend on screen resolution, operating system and application settings as well as various other factors. This type of recording is only recommended for users that face compatibility issues with the default recording setting.

Each activity you perform will be recorded in the sidebar and once you have completed  the desired sequence of activities and click the “Finish” button, you will be transferred back to the Process Designer where it will have automatically been translated into a set of UI Automation actions.

While recording, if you perform an activity unintentionally and you do not want it to be included in the final sequence of actions, you can move the mouse over the action that you want to delete in the sidebar and a red "deleterecorderdactionicon.png" button will appear in the action's top right corner, as shown below. By clicking on the deleterecorderdactionicon.png button the action will be removed from the list of recorded actions.

If you want to change parameters of the actions recorded (the actions’ parts you can edit are displayed in blue) you can do so by clicking them and editing their text.Note: Changing the description of an Element will not change the actual selector


You can also take notes that will make the design of your Process more meaningful for you and that may be useful if you chose to edit the actions later in the Process Designer. To do so, you click on the "Insert Comment" button insertcommenticon.png and a comment action will be appended in the sidebar. Your comments will also be displayed (along with the corresponding action) in the Process Designer.


To discard all the actions you have recorded and restart your recording from scratch, press the "Reset Recorded Actions" button (which is located next to the “Insert Comment” button). A message box will appear for you to confirm the delete.

To complete the recording session and return to the Process Designer, click the Finish button on the sidebar. The recorded Actions will be inserted into the Process Designer Window within a region named “Region of Autogenerated, UI Automation Actions”.

Of course you can further edit each of the actions (e.g. use variables as input where applicable) within the Process Designer.


You may also insert additional Actions to your Process to be performed before of after the Macro Recorded section Actions, either by manually selecting and configuring them from the “Actions” pane, or by using once again the Macro Recorder.