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Manage UI Selectors

To manage the selectors of a control, you can either double click on it, or right click and select "Manage Selectors".

*The same goes for CSS selectors for Web Automation actions, also.*

In the window that pops up you are able to:

1. Add Selector. This button will give you two options.

i) Add a selector based on the existing one, in the Selector Builder Window where you can check or uncheck the attributes to use for this element or

ii) Add a selector by recapturing it, in which case the helpers will again appear so that you can LCtrl+Left click on the element.

2. Edit. Click on the selector you want to edit, to pop up the Selector Builder window.

3. Delete. Click on the selector that you want to delete.

4. Close. Close the Window.


When you choose to Edit a Selector the the "Selector Builder" window pops-up. In here you can see the UI or CSS selector and you can choose the attributes that you want to be included in the selector for the item.

You can also choose whether you want the Visual Selector Builder or the Custom builder.


Notice that in the "Operation" column, you have the option to select what how the value will relate to the checked attribute. While the "Value" column of the Selector Builder is editable, you can click on the Operation arrow and choose the relation between the attribute and the value to be:

-Equals-Not Equals-Contains-Starts with-Ends with-Regex match


If you choose the Custom builder, form the drop down list menu option on the top left part of the window the the following window appears where you are free to build your own selector and even use Variables from the gear icon.