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Mouse and Keyboard

"Mouse and Keyboard" Actions are used to simulate the human User's use of the mouse and keyboard. This group includes keyboard Actions such as "Send Keys", to simulate human typing, "Press/Release Key" to combine the use of modifier keys like Alt and Control with mouse operations or other keystrokes, and "Set Key State" to toggle lock keys like Caps Lock, on or off. Control of the mouse is achieved through Actions like "Move Mouse" and "Send Mouse Click". Actions like "Move Mouse to Image" provide specialized mouse operation. "Block Input" can be used so that Processes ignore the User's mouse and keyboard input and avoid interference with their mouse and keyboard operations.

Read more about how WinAutomation handles the use of key codes in this article:

Valid Key Codes for the Send Keys Action

Mouse and Keyboard Actions:

Block Input Action

Get Mouse Position Action

Move Mouse Action

Move Mouse to Image Action

Move Mouse to Text on Screen (OCR)

Send Mouse Click Action

Send Keys Actions

Press/Release Key Action

Set Key State Action