Help files

Open FTP Connection Action


This Action establishes a connection to a remote FTP server.


Ftp Server:

Enter the FTP Server address here.


Choose which port to use for the FTP Server. Usually, this is Port 25.

Active Mode:

Uncheck this box if you want the connection to be made in passive mode. Default is Active Mode, as that is most common.

User Name:

Enter the User Name for this FTP Server here.

Enter Password:

If you choose 'directly', the password entered in the Password field will be hidden. If you choose 'as variable' it will expect you to enter a variable and treat the '%' as an indicator of a variable, not part of the password.


Enter the Password here. You may enter either a text, or a variable containing the password depending on the selection of the previous property (Enter Password).

Store Connection into:

Enter the name of the Variable that will store the specific FTP Connection for use with later FTP Actions. This allows you to specify which, of possibly several, FTP Connection to access.