Help files

Open Terminal Session Action


This Action opens a new terminal session.



Select the terminal emulation provider you will be using.

Micro Focus Reflection

Installation Path:

Select the installation path of the provider's application on your file system. By default, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Reflection.


If you choose Existing Profile, you have to select a file that contains a preconfigured terminal emulation connection.

If you choose Specify Connection, you have to choose the Host Type of the connection and also the Host Address and Port.


Specify the file that contains the preconfigured connection. By default this file can be found in C:\Users\”UserName”\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection.

Host Type:

Specify the host type of the connection.

Host Address:

Specify the host's address to connect to.


Specify the port to be used for this connection.



Select the HLLAPI DLL of your provider:

  • RocketSoftware BlueZone default name: 'ehlapi64.dll'

  • IBM Personal Communications default name: 'EHLAPI32.dll'

  • MicroFocus Rumba default path: 'System/ehlapi32.Dll'

  • Cybelesoft zScope default name: 'zHllap32.dll'

Session Name:

Select the session name to connect to. Session names are one-letter (A-Z) and start from A. So type A if is the first time you open the emulator. Each provider has a setting where you can see or modify this value.

Store Terminal Session into:

Enter the name of the Variable that will store the specific Terminal Session for use with later Terminal Emulation Commands.