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Organize your Actions with Regions

In order to organize the actions in your Process and make long Processs or Functions more manageable you can use the Regions feature of the Process Designer.


The Region block consists of two actions the "Start Region" and "End Region" action.

These actions have absolutely NO IMPACT in the behavior of the Process and their only task is to mark the beginning and the end of a logically separate block of actions.


Each Region (as defined by the two aforementioned actions) may have a name to describe the block of actions contained within. You can also collapse a region by clicking on the [-] icon on the left of the "Start Region" action. This way the actions of the region will not be visible, allowing you to review your Process at a higher level of abstraction.


To create a new Region you can click on the "Region" button addregionbutton.png on the toolbar. If no action is selected this will insert the "Start Region" and "End Region" actions at the end of the Process. If one or more actions are selected the "Start Region" action will be inserted right before the first selected action and the "End Region" will be inserted right after the last selected action enclosing the selected actions into the newly created region.

Regions have a different background color than the rest of the Process. The background color of the regions is customizable and can be changed through the Process Designer Options dialog.

Regions can also be nested within other regions to represent submodules of your Process within other modules. In this case the background color of each nested region becomes automatically a bit darker than the background color of the parent region.