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Ping Trigger

This Trigger will 'Ping' a host (usually an IP address or a URL) at the interval you set. If the host does not respond within the timeout you set, this registers as a failed Ping attempt, and Triggers the Process.

Once the host fails to respond and Triggers the Process, subsequent failures will not fire the Process again until a Ping attempt is successful. Thus, for example, if the host responds 5 times, then fails 3 times, then responds once and fails again, this Trigger will fire after the 6th attempt (first failure) and after the 10th attempt (first failure after a new success).


The Ping Trigger, when fired, assigns values to a Trigger Variable that is made available to the Process:

%PingTriggerHostName%, which will be filled with the name of the host that failed to respond.

As you can have as many Triggers as you want attached to the same Process, this would allow you to know which Ping Trigger fired the Process, and thus which host went down. You can access this information through Actions using this Variable.