Help files

Populate Text Field on Web Page Action

Fills a web form text field in a web page with the specified text.


Web Browser Instance:

Enter the variable that contains the Web Browser Instance you want to work with.


Click on Select Control from Repository button and a box with all controls will appear. Hover over camera icon to preview the control's image.

Text To Fill-In:

Enter here the text you want to fill in the text field with.

Emulate Typing:

Specify whether you want the text to be filled in at once by simply setting the value of the text box, or emulate a user typing by sending characters one by one. The latter method is slower, but required in some complex web pages.

Unfocus Text after filling it:

Choose whether you want the text field to become unfocused right after this action fills it with the text you've specified.

If you are planning on scraping autocompletion lists, you most probably need to leave this option unchecked.

Wait for Page to Load:

Choose whether you want the Process to wait for the new web page to load completely after populating the text field.

If a pop-up dialog appears:

Specify what you want the Process to do if a pop-up dialog appears after populating the text field.