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Process Designer Options

Open the Options by clicking on Tools menu -> Process Designer Options. There are two tabs here: one for the Designer Options and one for the Debugger Options.In the first tab you can specify how the actions will be displayed in the Process Designer. You can choose whether the action icon will be displayed as well as the size of the icon. You can also specify whether you want to the action name to be displayed for each action of your Process on top of the action's description.

Additionally, in this tab you can also set a color for the background of the actions that are contained within a region. Nested regions will get an increasingly darker version of this color to distinguish themselves from the parent regions they are contained within.

You have the option to rename a Variable using a Hotkey of your choice.


The Debugger Option allows you to set a delay time between the execution of each Action. This is an artificial delay, that is useful if  you want to follow the actions visually as they execute. This delay is taken into account only when you run the Process through the Designer, when you run a Process through the Console then the Process runs at full speed.

robot designer options2.png

The second setting is the designated hotkey for performing Step by step execution and Resuming the execution while debugging your Process. The hotkeys specified here will execute the next action when the Process is paused in the Debugger or Resuming the execution. This is useful especially for Processes that control the mouse where it is inconvenient to use the mouse in order to click the "Execute next action" button on the toolbar.

The last option lets you specify whether you want any modifications of the Process to be saved automatically every time you run it through the debugger.