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Process Emails Action


This Action moves, deletes, or marks as unread an email (or a list of emails) retrieved by a "Retrieve Emails" Action.

Process Emails Action is one of the three actions under the Email Actions category (the other two being the Send Email and Retrieve Emails). This particular group of actions provides WinAutomation with the ability to automate any task typically performed by email clients. With the Process Email Action, you can manipulate the retrieved emails from a previous Retrieve Emails action. You may delete the emails from your Server, mark them as (un)read or move them to different folders inside your Mailbox.

Note that when retrieved, messages are automatically marked as "read" on the server.


Email(s) to process:

Enter a Variable containing the email or list of emails to be processed. This should be a variable populated by a "Retrieve Emails" action.


Specify which operation you want to perform on the specified email messages.

Mail Folder:

Enter the name of the mail folder you want to move the emails to.

IMAP Server:

Enter the IMAP Server address here (e.g.,


Specify the port to be used for the IMAP Server. Usually, this is Port 993.

Enable SSL:

Specify whether you need to use a secure connection to communicate with the IMAP Server.

User Name:

Enter the User Name of the e-mail account you want to access.

Enter Password:

If you choose 'directly', the password entered in the Password field will be hidden. If you choose 'as variable' you must enter a variable containing the password and the '%' character will be treated as an indicator of a variable, not part of the password.


Enter the Password here. You may enter either a text, or a variable containing the password depending on the selection of the previous property (Enter Password).