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Processes File Settings

Processes are stored collectively in one database file (Processes.dat), which by default is stored in a specific location. This location is:

"C:\Users\...your username goes here...\Documents\WinAutomation\Processes.dat"

In the "Processes File" tab in the Settings, you have the option to target the database that your WinAutomation console will retrieve the Processes from. You are free to change it at anytime if you want to work between more than one database at different times.

Right below you will find three operations that concern your Processes Database:

1. Compact Database: By clicking on this option you are able to compact the Processes Database and reduce its size. It is a good practice to do so every now and then in order to clear the database from unnecessary data and keep its size relatively small.

2. Backup Database: By clicking on this option you are able to create a copy of your Processes Database to another location. WinAutomation does not 'protect' its database folder, so this can also be accomplished by going to the WinAutomation database directory and copying the file to another location in Windows Explorer.

**** It is strongly suggested that you Backup your Processes.dat frequently to avoid any unfortunate situations likes losing all the processes that you have developed. ****

3. Restore Database: By clicking on this option you overwrite the WinAutomation Processes database with a database that you select. This should always be a WinAutomation Processes database (Processes.dat), preferably one you have created as a backup recently. You can also do this by copying and pasting files in Windows Explorer as the folder is not protected.