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Processes Tab

The Processes Tab has four menu groups and two panes as follows:

using winautomation-theconsole-robots tab.png

1. Create

In the Create group you can create a New Process, create a new folder to save your Processes in, Import/Export a Process a Process in/out the console.

2. Edit

In the Edit group you can Edit a Process in the Process Designer by clicking on the "Process Designer" option, view its Properties, delete a Process, Select all Processes in the folder that you are currently in, Rename/Cut/Copy/Paste a Process and Enable or Disable it.

3. Execution

In the Execution group you can Execute-Run-Start a Process from the Console and Stop it at any time before its completion.

4. Find

In the Find group you can search for your Processes in your Processes folder structure simply by entering some text which is contained in a Process name.

5. Compiler

With the Professional edition you are able to create stand alone executable files that can run on any machine. We will talk more about executable files in a bit.What is a compiled Process

6. The Processes Folders List pane

In this pane you are able to view your saved Processes folders structure.

7. The Processes List pane

In this pane you can see all the Processes that are saved in a specific folder. You can click on a folder in the Processes' Folder pane and all its Processes will be listed in the Process's pane. The Columns in the Processes List pane can be rearranged should you click and drag them according to your desirable display.