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Recording vs Building a Process

In addition to building a Process by combining and configuring Actions, you can also use WinAutomation to simulate a user's activities by controlling the mouse and the keyboard. When you open the Macro Recorder, it records your activities and creates a set of Actions out of it, as a Process.

Launch the Macro Recorder and it will record everything you do. When you finish recording, WinAutomation then converts this to a set of Actions for your Process. These can be edited and added to later. If you use the Recorder with a Process that already has Actions, it will add the steps above the highlighted Action or at the bottom if you don't have any highlighted. The Macro Recorder is really just a way to input Actions in an easier interface than writing them all out would be.

Keep in mind that you can use the Macro Recorder to record the backbone of your script. Of course there are tasks that will have no issue running, only by recording them once and not modify any of the actions generated. Still there are cases when the generated script has to be modified to work as intended. For example you might need to add a Loop in the script, or there are redundant actions generated that you should remove. In cases as such we add/remove the appropriate actions from the ones generated from the Recorder and if any error occurs while executing we identify the problem or the error and we try to use alternative actions to cope with the situation and have it run flawlessly.