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Recurring Schedule

A Recurring Schedule repeats at the given frequency. Once you have set this schedule, the Process will fire after that interval, so if you set a Recurring Schedule for 10 minutes, for example, it will fire for the first time 10 minutes after this schedule is set, and every 10 minutes after that until you change it.


Custom Description: A custom description that you want to set for this schedule.

Fire every: Set the frequency at which the schedule should repeat.

Schedule Starts on: Set the starting point of the recurring schedule.

Schedule Expires on: Set the ending point of the recurring schedule.

If you choose to have the Schedule Expire, after its expiration the Schedule will still be there, but will not fire a Process.

If a Recurring Schedule is attached to a Process then the date/time for the next run of the Process is displayed in the Next Scheduled Run column in the WinAutomation Console in the Processes Tab.