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Save Outlook Email Messages Action


This Action saves Outlook email messages given an account.


Outlook Instance:

Enter the Variable that contains the Outlook Instance you want to work with.


Enter the e-mail address of the Outlook account you wish to work with.

Please find the name of your account by navigating to your Account Settings Data Files Tab.

datafilename (1).jpg

Email Message(s) To Save:

Enter a Variable containing the email message or list of email messages to be saved. This should be a variable populated by a "Retrieve Email Messages From Outlook" action.

File Name:

Specify whether you want to save the messages using the default name (Subject) or provide your own.

Save Format:

Specify the format by which to save the messages.

Save As:

Specify a custom name for the messages' names which will differ from message to message by an automatically added suffix.

Save Email Message(s) to:

Enter here the folder to which you want the messages to be saved.

Stored Message(s) Files:

Enter the name of the Variable that will store the file paths of the saved email messages for later processing.


For any Outlook-related action to work correctly, Microsoft Outlook must be installed on the machine where the Process will run.