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Scheduler Tab

In the Scheduler tab you can run Processes on a Schedule using the "Schedule" and the "Recurring Schedule".

If you click on "New" in the Create group, you can choose which Schedule to assign to a Process.


Once you have assigned a Schedule to a Process, then you are able from the "Edit" menu group to:


The Edit menu group is the same as in the Triggers tab:Triggers tab

1. "Edit" the schedule (the one that is highlighted), should you wish to change its properties.

2. "Reassign" the schedule to a different Process.

3. Copy, Paste, Delete the selected schedule.

4. "Select All" schedules.

5. "Go to Process" will get you to the Processes tab highlighting the selected Process.

6. "Collapse All Groups". It will collapse the "Recurring Schedule" and "Schedule" groups.

7. Select the Schedule (or Schedules if you hold down the Ctrl button while clicking on the them) that you wish to Disable or Enable.

The main pane will show the Schedule type the description of the Schedule which is your the Custom Description that you have typed once you have set the Schedule, the Process Name, and whether the Schedule is Enabled or not.