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Set DropDown List Value on Web Page Action

Set or clears the Selected Option for a Drop Down List in a Web Form.


Web Browser Instance:

Enter the variable that contains the Web Browser Instance you want to work with.


Click on Select Control from Repository button and a box with all controls will appear. Hover over camera icon to preview the control's image.


Select whether you want to select a value or clear the selected value of the dropdown list.

Selection Option(s) by:

Choose the method to use in order to select the options: By name or by ordinal position (1 2 3 ...) inside the list.

Option Names:

Enter one or more options (one per line if more than one) you want to be selected in the drop down list. Multiple options make sense only when working with multi-select lists. If the list is single-selection, then only the first option specified will be used.

Options Indexes:

Type a space-separated list of 1-based indexes (e.g. 1 3 4), denoting which options of the list should be selected.

Wait for Page to Load:

Choose whether you want the Process to wait for the new web page to load completely after setting the value for the dropdown list.

If a pop-up dialog appears:

Specify what you want the Process to do if a pop-up dialog appears after setting the value for the dropdown list.