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"System" Actions offer a wide range of Actions to simulate general tasks a User may perform in a Windows environment, as well as to retrieve information from the system. Actions include the ability to run an application, DOS command, or script; work with printers; manipulate screen resolution and screensaver; shut down, lock, or log off from the workstation; use Environmental Variables, and perform other tasks such as ping a network computer or terminate a Windows Process.

System Actions:

Run Application Action

Run DOS Command Action

Run VBScript Action

Run Javascript Action

Run PowerShell Script

Terminate Process Action

Print Document Action

Get Default Printer Action

Set Default Printer Action

Log Off User Action

Shutdown Computer Action

Show Desktop Action

Lock Workstation Action

Play Sound Action

Empty Recycle Bin Action

Take ScreenShot Action

Control Screen Saver Action

Ping Action

Set Environment Variable Action

Get Environment Variable Action

Delete Environment Variable Action

Get Screen Resolution Action

Set Screen Resolution Action

Run Python Script