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The Actions Pane

In the Actions pane you will find all the Actions that can be chosen to build your Process, organized in Actions groups in a folder structure.


You can either expand the group of actions in order to select the one you want, or you can search an action with its name, or even part of it, in the Search field at the top of the Actions pane.You can drag an action to the Workspace or double-click on the Action to move it automatically there. Either way, this will open the Properties dialog box if the Action has properties.

The search box on the top of the pane can help you to quickly and conveniently locate an Action from the treeview Folder structure in case you remember (even part of) its name but you have difficulties recollecting its position in the Directory.

The text in this field is dynamically filtering the contents of the treeview as you type or delete characters in it, so in order to see the whole Folder structure again, you have not but to delete any characters you might have typed here.