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The Image Repository pane

The Image Repository is by default placed in the bottom center part of the Process Designer.

It will hold all the images from Image actions. All the images used by your process will be stored in the Images Repository.

Upon creating a new Process the Repository will, of course, be empty.


There are two ways of adding images in the Image Repository.

  1. From within an Image related action should you select the "Capture Image" button.

  2. From the "Capture Image" button from the Images Repository directly.


Additionally, the Images Repository pane, has the "Remove Unused Images" button, with which the process identifies if there is an image not associated with an actions and deletes it.

It is also equipped with a Sorting capability either by the Name of the Image or by the Date that it was added (Ascending or Descending). This sorting capability proves to be very helpful in large processes where many images have been captured and makes it much easier to find them.