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The Search for Text window

"Search for text" is a very handy interface you can easily invoke through the Process Designer's Toolbar (or by clicking on "Edit > Search" or by hitting Ctrl+F ) in order to search within the workspace for specific text:


The Search Window allows you to find anything that contain the specified text potentially across your functions.

  1. Text to search: Enter here the text that you are looking for

  2. Case Sensitive. Check this box if you want your search to be case sensitive. Un-check this box if you are looking capitals or small letter do not matter to you

  3. Search on: This option allow you to search for the text only in a specific action or in all your Process

  4. The results will be listed in the Search Results Pane. For each Function that the text was found within, you will have an expandable arrow that will list all the occurrences.


You should have in mind that you can easily transition from Search Results to Errors pane, Images or Control Repository at any time by clicking the appropriate option in the Tab Menu [d] at the bottom. The pane even informs you on where the hits were recorded [c] exactly in order to save you time from examining results that might be of little interest to you.

Another thing that should not go unnoticed is that even if you search for some text that is part of some longer sentence, the Search Window still will return a hit: