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The Variables Pane

This pane is located by default next to the Workspace under the Functions pane. Variables are defined through Actions or the thought the Variables Manager. There are four columns: Pin, Name, Type, Value.

  • A Pin option is there to select one or more variables and pin them on top of the Variables pane. This way they will be displayed on the top of the variables list that you have declared within your Process.

  • Name, is the name that was assigned to the Variable in an Action or in the Variables Manager (Trigger Variables are never displayed here)

  • In column three, the Type of Variable is displayed. Variable types can be: Text, Numerical, DateTime, File, Folder, Data Row, Data Table, Excel Instance, FTP File, or FTP Folder, as well as a list of the above, among others. If you use the same Variable name as an output for two or more Actions that create different Types of Variables, the Variable type will change during the execution of a Process, so WinAutomation cannot determine a constant value, and will show '<Unknown>'. If both Actions determine an output Variable with the same type of value, it will show that type, as there is no ambiguity. For this and other reasons, we recommend that you use different Variable names for each Action output - unless, of course, you want to overwrite the previous information.

  • Value, is the value set when a Variable is created through the Variables Manager Window and only appear if you created the Variable there, with an initial value. Otherwise, the Value will be filled for each variable during the execution of the Process.

In the variables pane you are able to:

Search for variables by name. In the search field, type the name of the variable you are searching for and all the variables that contain that typed sting will be listed.

Pin Variables. You can pin a variable at the top of the display by clicking in the pin column at the left side of the variables name. Once you pin the variable it will automatically move to the top of the variables list.

Re-order Variables. Click on a variable to move it up or down and reorder the variables list. (Of course, pinned variables cannot be moved)

The actions above can be performed while a Process is being executed or not.