Help files

The Workspace

This pane shows the flow of the Process, displaying Actions in the order that they will be executed. Numbers are displayed in the gray column before each Action, as well as Icons to show errors, and breakpoints. If you are running (debugging) the Process, the current Action you are on will also be highlighted here.

Breakpoints breakpoint.png: You can add a breakpoint by clicking to the left of an Action. A red dot will show up and the Process will pause on that step until you click to continue. This can also be used while running a Process from the Process designer to pause while you look at some part of the Process.

Disabled Actions: Actions can be disabled, so that they are ignored by the Process but still exist. This is useful for trying different versions of a Process without deleting and re-writing Actions constantly. Disabled Actions become gray to differentiate them from enabled Actions.


In the Workspace, Actions, their Icons and their properties are displayed. A Process is described in text in the Workspace and you can understand a Process just by reading through the Actions' properties in the Workspace. To change the display of the icons and text for this Process, click on Tools -> Process Designer Options.To manipulate the Actions within a Process, treat them like any other icon setup in Windows. Click on an action to select it, click on Actions with the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiples, right-click for the Action menu, and use any of the regular HotKeys to Copy, Cut, and Paste. To change the order of Actions, Drag and Drop or right-click and choose to Move Action Up or Move Action Down.