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UI Automation Overview

WinAutomation actions under the “UI/Windows” category are capable of directly manipulating Windows applications, or any window for that matter (apart from web application that can be automated with "Web Automation"), their controls, as well as extracting data from them.

Processes can click on buttons, menu items, populate edit boxes directly, etc. and all that without the use of absolute coordinates or image recognition!


UI Automation based Processs can be conveniently authored with the help of the Macro Recorder (with the Smart Recording option enabled). Alternatively, you can build your Process manually by combining and configuring the appropriate actions in the Process Designer.

Window handling actions, such as "Focus Window", "Move Window" etc. can both act on a specific window from your Control Repository.

Control handling actions, on the other hand (e.g. "Click Element in Window"), act on a target control of your repository.

Using the "Select Control from Repository" in the UI/Windows actions' properties and adding Controls using the "Add Control" option the most convenient method for specifying the target control(s) for your actions.