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UI Data Extraction

WinAutomation's UI Automation technology allows the extraction of textual data from any open application window. You will find all the relevant actions under the "Data Extraction" subcategory of the "UI and Windows" group, inside the Action's Pane.

"Get Details of Window" and "Get Details of Element in Window", are suitable for extracting certain useful attributes from the target Window or Element, such as the Window's Title or the Element's location. Both of the actions are also capable of getting the text displayed by the element, including any text belonging to visible child elements.

The following two actions, "Get Selected Checkboxes in Window" and "Get Selected Radiobutton in Window" are specialized actions, dedicated in extracting the current selection state of Checkboxes and Radiobuttons.

Last but not least, "Extract Data from Window" extracts only the text displayed on elements (and their visible children). For simple control elements, "Extract Data from Window" will get the exact same results as the equivalent  "Get Details of Element in Window" action. Certain controls, on the other hand, will yield data in the form of List or Table variables. More specifically, Tree and Tree Item controls (e.g. the tree view pane of Windows Explorer) as well as List controls produce the text data in a List variable. Data Grid controls always get their data extracted in the form of a table. In other words, "Extract Data from Window" allows the retention of the original organization of the data extracted, making any further processing significantly easier.