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Wait for Window Action


This action suspends the execution of the Process until a specific window opens, closes, gets or loses the focus.


Get Window:

Choose whether the action gets the target window from a "Window Instance" variable, or searches for it by Title and/or Class.

Window Instance:

Enter the variable that contains the Window Instance which you want to bring to front. This must be a variable defined by a preceding “Get Window” action or a valid Window Handle.

Window Title:

Choose title of window. You can use wildcards, like '?' or '*'. If you can't find the window title in the dropdown list, type it yourself, or open it and press the Refresh button to the right.

Window Class:

Optional: If you have two windows with the same title, Window Class may help differentiate between them. In this case, enter the class of the window you wish to use. Otherwise, leave this blank.

Wait for Window to:

Choose the event that this action will wait for: you can choose to wait for a specific window to open, close, become focused (i.e. become the foreground window), or lose focus (stop being the foreground window).

Focus Window after it opens:

Bring the Window to the front after it opens, so later actions are directed at this Window.

Fail if window does not appear/close within:

Choose whether the action will throw an exception after a set number of seconds if the specified Window has not opened/closed/became focused/lost focus. Then go to the Exception Handling tab at top to specify how the Exception will be handled. Otherwise, the Process will stop and issue an error message.